To maintain prescribing rights, Hepatitis B s100 Community Prescribers must participate in continuing professional development (CPD) relevant to management of hepatitis B.  The aim of this is to ensure that prescribers maintain their clinical competencies in hepatitis B.

To support practitioners in maintaining their accreditation, ASHM conducts a range of CPD activities including HBV prescriber updates, other training courses in viral hepatitis, webinars and online CPD activities.



To maintain accreditation as Hepatitis B s100 Community Prescribers, practitioners must accrue a total of 3 HBV-relevant CPD points during each calendar year.​


How to Earn CPD Points

  • HBV CPD points can be accrued through a variety of education and training activities delivered both by ASHM and by external CPD providers.
  • When attending ASHM activities, Community Prescribers must ensure they sign the attendance sheet in order to claim HBV CPD points.
  • External HBV CPD providers should apply prospectively and submit attendance sheets directly to ASHM in order for the HBV CPD points for Community Prescribers attending that activity to be recorded.
  • Prescribers or education providers can also apply to have individual programs of study or specific courses adjudicated for CPD points by ASHM.

For information about the points awarded to specific activities, please refer to the HBV CPD Points Award Table in the prescriber handbook​.


Adjudication of HBV CPD points

This section provides information for training providers and HBV Community Prescribers who wish to apply to ASHM for adjudication of HBV CPD educational activities


For HBV Community Prescribers

Hepatitis B s100 Community Prescribers are able to submit any relevant completed activities for adjudication, using the HBV CPD self-adjudication form. Please submit these forms on an ongoing basis, as activities are completed throughout the calendar year. ASHM's Clinical Advisors will adjudicate each activity on behalf of the National Clinical Standards and Accreditation Panel and award CPD points accordingly.


For Training Providers

ASHM actively encourages external education providers to submit their HBV CPD activities for adjudication. We welcome additional opportunities for Hepatitis B s100 Community Prescribers to achieve their HBV CPD points. Please complete the Provider Adjudication Form and the Attendance Form to commence the process with ASHM.


Recording and reporting of CPD activities – accreditation renewal timeline

​October ​December ​March
​ASHM sends Community Prescribers a personalised HBV CPD record sheet listing all known CPD activities they have completed since 1 January of that year.

Community Prescribers who have not reached minimum CPD requirements are informed about both ASHM and external activities that will attract CPD points during the remainder of the year.
​Community Prescribers are notified in writing whether or not they have met all the necessary requirements to maintain accreditation for the following calendar year.

Prescribers who have not reached minimum CPD requirements are actively encouraged and supported by ASHM to complete additional CPD activities by 31 March.
​Community Prescribers have their accreditation formally renewed and their details maintained in the HBV Community Prescriber register provided they:

(1) meet all CPD requirements; and

(2) maintain their established link with an appropriate HBV specialist or treatment facility.


​Other CPD Options

Clinical Care Options (CCO) is an online CPD provider that offers presentations (with animated slides and synchronised voice-overs) on hepatitis, given by experts to keep you up-to-date on the ongoing developments in the field.

CCO is developed in the USA. Prescribers are reminded that there may be variations in available treatments and recommendations in Australia.

The InPractice clinical reference tool, owned by CCO, has online HBV chapters available called Hepatitis B Management in Special Populations that include CPD activities. Prescribers are awarded up to 1 HBV CPD point per unit, and up to 3 points per triennium for completion of an online CCO activity.

CCO is a free online resource. If you are not already a CCO subscriber, you will be asked to register on your first visit.


Viral Hepatitis Mentoring Program

VH Mentoring Program.jpg

  • ASHM invites all health professions working the area of viral hepatitis to be part of its Mentoring Program – a continuing professional development program that aims to strengthen collaborations between tertiary and primary care (mentors and mentees) through one-to-one relationships, and to enhance patient-centered continuity of care.
  • This program has been developed in response to feedback from GPs and specialists linked with the Viral Hepatitis Community Prescriber Programs.
  • ASHM will continue to roll-out the launch of this program in Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria, and Queensland in 2017. 
  • Visit the website for frequently asked questions
  • Register your interest now via education@ashm.org.au


What is it? 

A professional relationship in which an experienced viral hepatitis clinician and a GP working with patients with viral hepatitis share knowledge, answer questions and offer clinical advice and support.


Why do it?

  • Strengthen collaboration between tertiary and primary care
  • Enhance and support patient-centered continuity of care
  • Further develop skills in communication, giving feedback and sharing best practice
  • Pass on personal knowledge, insight and experience
  • Stay in touch with emerging issues in viral hepatitis
  • Gain access to one-on-one support
  • Be involved in the development of a community of practice based on mutual support and respect
  • Make use of a framework for discussing complex cases