Sector News

1 December 2017


The AIDS Society of Asia and the Pacific (ASAP) announce new leadership and engagement in an attempt to start reviving its organisation starting with the appointment of Interim Public Officer, Dédé Oetomo, who will organise nominations and elections.  Dédé Oetomo is supported by Eamonn Murphy and Stuart Watson of the Asia-Pacific Regional Support Team of UNAIDS.


ASAP have approached eleven nominees for the Executive Committee (ExCo):

  1. Shale Ahmed, Bandhu Social Welfare Society (Bangladesh)
  2. Angela Chaudhuri, Swasti (India)
  3. Myung-Hwan Cho, Korean Association for AIDS Prevention (Korea)
  4. Zahid Hussein, Sustainable Resource Foundation (SuRF) (Pakistan)
  5. Sharful Islam Khan, International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh (Bangladesh)
  6. Eris Lau Yuen Man, Hong Kong AIDS Foundation (Hong Kong, China)
  7. Scott McGill, Australasian Society for HIV, Viral Hepatitis and Sexual Health Medicine (ASHM) (Australia)
  8. Jason Mitchell, Oceania Society for Sexual Health and HIV Medicine LTD (Fiji/Pacific)
  9. Dédé Oetomo, GAYa NUSANTARA Foundation (Indonesia)
  10. Bakhtiar Talhah, Malaysian AIDS Council (Malaysia)
  11. Masayoshi Tarui, Japan AIDS & Society Association (Japan)



Thanks were given to the outgoing President, N.M. Samuel, and Vice President, Masayoshi Tarui, for steering ASAP for the past two years.