• ART: The Next 25 Years

    This Symposium on the Next 25 Years of ART outlined the move towards injectables, broadly neutralizing antibodies and posited a shift in attitudes towards the treatment of children, championing their inclusion in clinical trials.

  • Addressing Mental Health: A Crucial Component to Ending the HIV Epidemic

    The mind and body are one! Overall good health must include mental health. If we do not address the mental health of HIV infected individuals, we will not achieve our goal of diagnosing 90% of all patients who are HIV infected, making sure 90% of HIV patients are having their antiretroviral medication, and 90% having viral suppression. It is known that mental health conditions contribute up to ten-fold increase in the risk of acquiring HIV infection. This is due to the fact that people suffering with a mental illness are more likely to have high risk behaviour, less likely to get a sexual health screen, more likely to have poor adherence to treatment, thus leading to a poor health outcome.

  • The Infant Gut: A Great Defense System?

    With over 1.5 million HIV positive women becoming pregnant annually, whether or not to breastfeed becomes an important issue.

  • Advances in HIV Cure

    Obstacles to HIV cure remain stubborn, and strategies to finding a cure must be two-fold: the immune control of viral replication and the elimination of the HIV reservoir.