Monitoring hepatitis C treatment uptake in Australia

The Viral Hepatitis Clinical Research Program – a rapidly expanding area of clinical research and development within the Kirby Institute, University of New South Wales is producing a monthly newsletter reporting on uptake of DAAs in Australia.

The program also focuses on therapeutic research in viral hepatitis – clinical research (including clinical trials forming the main part of the program's work); the recently established viral hepatitis sample repository, HepBank, for molecular virology research; and epidemiological research through data linkage studies and mathematical modelling. This report summarises data on prescribing to date and provides a great insight into the initial phase of the roll-out of DAA therapy in Australia. 


Australian recommendations for the management of hepatitis C virus infection: a consensus statement 2017

Prepared by an expert panel, this document provides guidance on epidemiology, models of care, diagnosis, pre-treatment assessment, monitoring and treatment. It is available in various formats:


Hepatitis B and C in Australia Annual Surveillance Report Supplement 2016


This Hepatitis B and C in Australia Annual Surveillance Report Supplement 2016 published by The Kirby Institute for infection and immunity in society provides an overview of trends in diagnoses, prevalence, incidence, morbidity, care, testing and prevention of hepatitis B and C viral infections.

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Annual Report of Trends in Behaviour Supplement 2016 on viral hepatitis


The Annual Report of Trends in Behaviour presents data from a selection of the behavioural and social research conducted by the Centre for Social Research in Health. The report focuses in particular on studies assessing trends over time or addressing emerging issues.

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